Capacity Planning Analyst

Location:West Lothian


Salary: Competitive Base + Benefits

Job Reference: 888564

Consultant: Farah Rafiq
0203 869 4549

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Company Description

In this new opportunity You will manage capacity generated from a field based workforce that customers will book appointments from, this will be across multiple types of work, geographical locations and varying Engineer skills to optimise customer experience along with keeping our workforce efficient.

You will

-Ensuring work is planned, via the methodology of Capacity Management, to optimise utilisation and ensure the delivered schedules are achievable and successful

-Monitoring the delivery of work against plan to ensure delivery within timescale, resource and budgetary constraints

-Monitoring minutes consumed by time slot and category from range of Day -90 to Day -1. Ensure unused capacity minutes are distributed across time slots and categories to ensure full utilisation of available minutes

-Analysing trend data to gain an in-depth understanding of rates of capacity consumption (how many jobs are being booked), which will provide visibility of any under-booking/over-booking/increased lead times in line with plan

-Utilising and analysing available management information to make recommendations to improve the effectiveness and performance of the work delivery and utilisation schedule

-Developing an effective ongoing relationship with field management that enables 2-way communication and reduces failure

-Contributing to a successful team environment with the aim of meeting team, departmental and organisational objectives

-Where quota is not being sufficiently consumed, or over consumed, making decisions to move quota minutes between categories and/or trigger demand to be increased/decreased

-Assessing impacts of requests for flexible working with regards to capacity management.

You’ll have

– Have experience managing capacity for appointment booking

– Field based planning experience

– Sense of urgency

– Strong analytical & problem solving skills

– Experience of forecasting and trending

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